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Consistency Is Key To Deliver The Results You Desire. With Clear Expectations, We Can All Be On The Same Page And Provide You With The Very Best Results. 

  • MVR crew typically arrives between 7-8 AM

  • MVR provides a dump trailer to haul away all debris

  • MVR takes special Precautions to protect your home by tarping landscaping & hanging

    tarps from gutters to siding/brick and windows.

  • We do a full tear-off of the existing roof

  • A complete inspection of plywood/underlayment (any bad wood/decking will be replaced

    upon homeowner approval)

  • Install synthetic felt paper in accordance to the integrity roof system (see “integrity roof

    system” flyer for details)

  • Install Ice guard on all eaves(gutters), Valleys & Chimneys

  • Replace roof accessories including- Box vents, ridge vents, power vents, broan vents, pipe

    boots, step flashing, counter flashing, chimney flashing, and drip edge

  • Install new 50-year CertainTeed Landmark shingle.

  • Full clean up, MVR will run a magnet through the yard, sidewalks, driveways, and flower beds

    to ensure the best possible cleanup.

  • All material is to be hauled away upon completion of the roof.

  • Enjoy your new roof!

Additional Notes
*Please note that during the duration of the roof replacement, your property will be an active construction site.

*Noise can become bothersome to homeowners and pets. Please keep this in mind if actions need to be taken.

*MVR takes precautions to protect your property however we recommend moving objects away from the house that could be damaged during the removal of the old roof.

*Interior wall hanging that isn’t properly secured should be taken down during the installation process. *Any additional questions or concerns, please contact your project manager.

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